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November 7

Hi everyone! Welcome to Becky's Bulletin! You can check here for all the latest news and gossip from Martin Bromley High. Like today, in math class, Darryl Popinski totally fell asleep on his desk! He was drooling, snoring, and everything! The whole class burst out laughing, and he woke up and tried to pretend he had dropped his pencil, but we knew. I need to start studying for the big geography exam coming up. Mr. Casey's tests are always mega hard, like Zool hard. As usual, Chad has forgone studying to bone up on the 3 R's: Road Rash, Rampart, and Revenge of Shinobi. That Chad Belmont! If he weren't so darn cute, he'd probably drive me up a wall. Oh! There's the bell! Don't want to be late for Casey's class

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