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December 31

Happy New Year everyone!  Santa (aka mom and dad) was good to me this year.  Along with the newest edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica, I totally got Dinosaurs for Hire!  Chad introduced me to that gem this summer.  Ooh!  And I almost forgot the biggest gift!  Tickets to an NKOTB show!  AHHHHHHHHH!  I am so super psyched!  I know it might seem silly, but my favorite is Danny.  Nobody else loves Danny, but I think he's dreamy.  Tonight, Chad, Lunk, and I are going to partake in our annual tradition of a no-holds-barred all-night Risk tournament.  Last year I dominated by sneaking up through Australia and whooping Lunk in Asia Minor.  No one ever suspects Australia.  My New Year's resolutions this year are to get a good score on the SATs and start looking into colleges post haste.  Don't want to end up serving shakes at Sullivan's for a living!  Well, better go get ready!  May Auld Lang Syne and so on!

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