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January 17

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! I just saw New Kids tonight! AHHHHHHHH! I can’t even describe… AHHHHHHH!!! I am feeling so high right now. Settle down, Beck! I was excited all day and couldn’t focus on school at all. I don’t remember a thing that Mrs. Brown said in English and I’m probably going to do badly on our quiz tomorrow, but it was soooooo worth it! My tickets were great! Score one for mom and dad on those. I went with my 2 cousins and we had SUCH a great time. It was nice to hang out with them outside of a family function. They’re pretty cool! They played all my favs. Step by Step, Please Don’t Go Girl, The Right Stuff. Don’t laugh, but I swear Danny looked right at me during Hangin’ Tough. He is scrumptious! After the concert, we went to Sullivan’s for shakes and talked about the awesomeness we had just encountered. All around, it was an electric night, one I’m sure not soon to forget.

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