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January 30

It’s so freakin’ cold outside right now! It’s as if someone has traveled to the center of the earth and stolen its molten core. I wore 2 pairs of gloves, a hat, and earmuffs and my teeth were still chattering when I got to school. Of course the radiators weren’t working well, so homeroom might as well have taken place in a walk-in freezer. To keep warm, I thought about the summer that my family and I went to Florida. I pictured the palm trees, the sand, the ocean waves lapping up on the shore, and best of all…the lifeguards. Tanned, toned, and totally hunk-alicious. That certainly heated things up a bit. He he he. Well, homework’s done, thermostat is cranked to 78, got my thermal underwear on…it’s time for some Rocketknight! Get it, it’s cold? Sparkster? Eh?

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