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March 27

I’m really starting to worry about Chad. It’s been days since he came out of his room. I called yesterday and his mom was actually around for once, but she said he was sleeping. I’ve tried talking to the Head about it, but he seems to think Chad will come around eventually, and that we should all wait patiently. I saw fear in his eyes, though. It’s times like these that make me wonder if I could be a Video defender. I mean I must have some of that X-Code in me. I know I’ve never actually gone INTO Video Land, but I swear I feel like I could. Whenever I ask the Head, he changes the subject. I think he’s just trying to protect me. Things are really screwed up right now, and it’s probably way too dangerous for me to begin testing my skills. Maybe I’ll go over to Chad’s with Lunk. Strength in numbers, right? Who am I kidding, we’d need an army to talk him out of this funk. Oh, Chad. Help?

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