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Captain S Sig
I want the code...

I need the code...

I have to have the code...

I can't live without the code...

Music by the Awesome Glenn Case

Episode 1

Captain S Full Length Theme Song
Captain S 30 Second Theme Song

Episode 2

Good Soccer
Bad Soccer
Everything Gets The Kick

Episode 3

Doo Wop
All is Fair in Love and Sega

Episode 4

Mad Science #1
Mad Science #2
In the Name of Science


Episode 5

Boxes Montage
I Wanna Be Lazy

Episode 6

Captain S vs. NES

Episode 7

Fable of Video Land
Conflict Approaches
Game Genie Theme

Episode 8

The Power of Applause
Game Genie Plan B
Game Genie Gets His Wish / Oh No
"Oh No" is originally written by Miss