Welcome to the store! Get the hippest PBC swag money can buy. Make sure to check back often, we’ll be adding more soon. Please note that prices do not include shipping costs and that NYS residents will be charged sales tax. Checks and money orders can be made payable to Lindsey "Z" Briggs – PBC Production Manager. Please e-mail us at: Z (AT SYMBOL) pbc-productions.com for the mailing address.

Little Miss Gamer Shirt!


Price: $17.00
XXL & XXXL - $20.00
(we have a few XXL & XXXL sizes left, but they're going fast)

American Apparel - Guys & Gals

Guys & Gals Sizes

American Apparel -Ladies

Girls Sizes

You asked for it, you got it! The 'Keep Playing' shirt has 28 designs of the most influential, most played consoles from the seven generations of videogame history. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the Nintendo Wii, there's a lot of gamer history in there! Gamers gotta know their roots, and the 'Keep Playing' shirt embodies just that - a history of having fun and playing games. The shirts are available in one color (light blue) and are American Apparel tees. Order the Unisex or Ladies version.


Filler Friday - Volume 1 DVD

Filler Friday Volume 1

Price: $10.00

PBC released 100 short films in the short span of just 2 years - and now you can own the best of our best! Voted on by fans, these 13 shorts represent the cream of our Filler Friday crop. Filler Friday originally meant "the Fridays between Captain S", but grew to encompass video game launches, puppet shows, documentaries, and off the wall sketch comedy. Boasting a much higher quality than YouTube and with the addition of hilarious commentary, it's a steal at $10. Plus all sales will go directly into making new shorts like Little Miss Gamer!

DVD's will be for sale at MAGfest, and will be shipped out to online orders when we return from MAGfest on January 5, 2009

Puppet Rampage

Price: $20.00

July, 2007: over 500 puppeteers descended upon St. Paul, MN for a week of hair-raising, ground breaking, internationally acclaimed puppet shows. Some came for workshops, others came to perform. Will the art form survive? Are national festivals necessary? Puppeteers ranging from unknown to legendary will sound off as the week rampages on...

PBC's first Full Length Documentary available at the Puppeteers of America online store

The New Adventures of Captain S - Season One DVD!

Price: $17.00


We have sold out of our limited run of Captain S Season One DVD's. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD, email us at Z(AT)PBC-Productions.com and let us know. If we receive enough interest, it's possible that we could do one last run.

It’s the CAPTAIN S season one DVD! Packed with all 10 episodes of season one! Relive your favorite S moments, loathe the villains, and root on The Captain! With two hilarious tracks of audio commentary! Bonus - the Angry Video Game Nerd Christmas CrossOver Special! But wait, there’s more! Never before seen outtakes! Your favorite Filler Fridays! The unspeakable pilot! And Making-Of featurette. It's a 2 Disc Collectors Edition of Awesomeness!

The New Adventures of Captain S - Season One SOUNDTRACK!

Price: $10.00

And just when you thought things couldn't get any better - the official soundtrack from Captain S, featuring all original music by Glenn Case, including lyrics and instrumentals from the series. Buy this and ROCK OUT!

Evil Do-ers T-shirt

Price: $17.00
XXL - $20.00


Designed by Maximo V. Lorenzo. Show the world what evil looks like on a T-shirt! Featuring NES and the Game Genie, these shirts are American Apparel shirts, and guaranteed to look great and last a long time. Shirts are Charcoal with red and white ink.

“Everything Gets the Kick!” T-shirt
(click on the photos to see a larger image)

shirt shirt

Price: $15.00
XXL - $18.00


Designed by Maximo V. Lorenzo. These shirts bear Captain S’s internet-famous catch phrase, and feature the Chadster kickin’ some blue pigs with a big ol’ pile of baddies behind him. Sorry NES! The shirt color is prairie dust, and the logo contains 2 shades of blue.

Star Wars Style Captain S Poster


Price: $10.00

Designed by Hector “Hex” Martinez for the show’s premiere at MAGFest 5, this is a spot-on parody of the original Star Wars poster. The poster, in glorious full color, measures 11” x 17” and will surely become a permanent fixture on your wall.

Kick T-shirt/Star Wars Poster Combo

shirt Poster

Price: $20.00
with XXL shirt: $23.00


Be a savvy shopper, and buy a t-shirt and poster together. You save $5.00! Your friends will admire your purchases and your wallet stays a little fatter. How can you lose?

Evil T-shirt/Star Wars Poster Combo


Price: $22.00
with XXL shirt: $25.00


Be a savvy shopper, and buy a t-shirt and poster together. You save $5.00! Your friends will admire your purchases and your wallet stays a little fatter. How can you lose?

Captain S Stickers!

Price: .75 cents each

Sticker Choice

Stickers are awesome, Captain S is awesome, so it just makes sense that we would make stickers of Captain S characters. Designed by Hector "Hex" Martinez - These stickers are the coolest!

Little Miss Gamer Button!

Price: $1.00

Wanna show some love for Little Miss Gamer? Buy a button and wear it with pride! Be the first kid on your block to have one of these rockin 1" buttons!

PBC Button

PBC button

Price: $1.00

Need some flare for your boring bag? Sport one of these snazzy 1” round buttons and go from zero to awesome in no time. The buttons are black with blue Sega-font letters in the shape of a Genesis controller. It’s 16 bits of PBC love.

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