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Over 500 puppeteers gathered on the campus of Concordia University to attend another Puppeteers of America national festival. Seated comfortably on opening night with the usual excited anticipation, this audience was in for an unexpected awakening.

Huge by any measure, the unleashed RAMPAGE PUPPET burst forth through a shadow screen into the audience and terrified and thrilled those who saw him. Startled yet enthusiastic cheers and wild applause greeted this colossus, and those attending knew they were in for quite a different festival.

Thus was the dynamic and dramatic beginning of a week of hair-raising, ground breaking, internationally acclaimed puppet shows. Some came for workshops, others came to perform. Will the art form survive? Are national festivals necessary? Puppeteers ranging from unknown to legendary sounded off on these and other topics as the week rampaged on....

Hear the comments and catch some of the wild action, including the thrilling opening moments of the Puppet Rampage 2007 festival.

The 2 disc set, premiered on June 1, 2008, in New York City to a large, appreciative audience. Special features on the second disc include footage of Bernice Silver, the undisputed Queen Of Potpourri, and the deeply moving and inspirational keynote speech by the amazing Canadian puppeteer, Ronnie Burkett, complete and uncut.

'Puppet Rampage' a film by PBC Productions.

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