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This week, PBC has a very special project to release. It’s the first part of the much-anticipated documentary on the Gamers Against Violence rally held here in NYC a few weeks ago. The first part covers the days before the rally, including interviews with members of Empire Arcadia and employees of NYClan. Check it out, and pass it on


Happy June! It's getting to be that wonderful time here in New York City when the pavement heats up to a temperature high enough to cook the many sausages that hang in deli windows and the power goes out because all 8 million people are running their A/C on full blast and you could just RING SOMEBODY'S FREAKIN NECK! But, I digress. I'm here only to bring you this week's Filler Friday, which stars Devon, Devon, Devon, and Devon. The, ahem, "foursome" sings a familiar ditty from the Nintendo library. Cool off with Password Theme! Cool off how, you ask? I don't know, watch it with your feet in a bucket of ice...or something.

Also, bookmark veoh.com where you will soon find PBC Productions as a featured artist!


Ahoy, gentle viewers. Another friday is upon us which means new content from the crew here at PBC. With Chad and Z still away, Brett and Devon continue to find trouble. Nay, seek trouble. This week, the pair finds themselves with one last donut that neither wants to eat. How to rid themselves of the superfluous confection? Why, a mighty quest! It's one deep-fried-dough-ring to rule them all. Watch Fellowship of the Donut. Special Guest: Matt Todd!

EDIT: All problems have been fixed. Thumbnails, links, and videos should all be working now in all browsers. Thanks for your patience while our webmistress is away! -Brett

AND...Captain S was given a kind mention on the popular, independent gamer blog Destructoid.com this past week. Give it a read!


Captain S may be over for the time being, but PBC is going to continue to bring you content every friday!  This week Chad and Z take a much needed vacation after the conclusion of Captain S, leaving Devon and Brett to hold down the fort.  Yeah...we know.  They obviously didn't think this one through.  Watch as "Junior" and "Baby" become house sitters for 2 weeks.  This will not be pretty. It's Brett and Devon: Home Alone!

Also, you asked for it, so as of tonight, the entire first season of Captain S is being archived on both youtube and myspace. Fire up your Wiis and watch on the big screen!


This is it, S fans. The final installment in the first season of The New Adventures of Captain S. Last we left Chad, Bromley High had become the site of a zombie apocalypse...of sorts. The Game Genie, in the disguise of Principal Blakemore, reveals himself to Captain S before being pulled back into Video Land by NES. With Becky still zombified, and Lunk and Stacey trying to fend off the posessed students, Chad has one task remaining: destroy the Game Genie. But does he have what it takes to defeat the Evil Emperor alone? Watch as the epic conclusion unfolds...FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!! 


This week marks the first Filler Friday that is NOT Captain S related. This is a taste of what PBC content will be post-Captain S, as we intend to continue to release a short for the web every Friday. On Sunday, April 21st, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the DS were released at Nintendo World. Brett and Devon, after being up all night, traveled into Manhattan to document this momentous occasion. Devon is immersed in the hype and can barely contain his joy. Brett…well, Brett really wants a bagel. Enjoy this mini-doc and remember that the season FINALE of Captain S is only one week away!


We’ve talked about it for weeks, but today we put our money where our mouths are in the hopes that you will put your money where our website is. The store is open for business! Check it out, we have a killer t-shirt designed by Maximo, a poster designed by Hex, and some PBC buttons for that added flare we all need. We will be adding more soon, so check back often.

Also, check out Becky’s Bulletin. The poor girl sounds like she’s well…possessed. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t watched Episode 9. Shame on you.


This is it, guys, we're down to the final 2 episodes. Infuriated by Captain S's comeback, the Game Genie has taken over the body of Bromley High's own Principal Blakemore. Havoc will surely be reaked as unsuspecting students fall victim to Video Land's sinister overlord. Saving Video Land was one thing, but does Chad have it in him to save Earth as well? It's the beginning of the end with Episode 9: Zombies Ate My Homeroom.


Maybe it was something he ate before going to sleep, but Chad is having some pretty wacky dreams. Do they...mean something? Or is it just a trick of the mind? We're no psychologists, so we invite you to view this week's Filler Friday and make the decision for yourselves. Now's the time to get all your friends to start watching Captain S; the climax to season 1 begins in one week with Episode 9: Part 1.


Chad is Back! Video Land is in some serious doo-doo, and it's going to take a true Video Defender to bring it back from the brink. He has trained hard, and is poised to launch a full scale attack against the Game Genie and NES and their minions of pixelated bosses. Will Chad be able to accomplish this monumental task on his own? Will the Game Genie succumb to Chad's new found prowess? Will Becky ever just freakin' tell Chad that she's hot for his body??? GOSH! Now go watch Episode 8: Captain S'll Make You Clap, Clap!


Good friday, S fans! This week's Filler Friday contains bloopers from Episode 7. Watch as Devon, Brett, and Daniel (the boy in the park) share some classic (and not so classic) yo' mama jokes. Return next week to watch Chad begin his epic fight to save Video Land!


We know you’ve all been simply dying to know what happened after the end of Episode 6. We received many comments letting us know the 2-week wait would be agonizing. We hope you don’t mind, but we take a small bit of pleasure in that. In tonight’s episode, Becky and Lunk try desperately to get Chad out of the funk he’s been in since his defeat at the hands of NES. While Chad won’t seem to listen to his friends, he might be persuaded by someone…a bit smaller. Grab a soda and some chips and get ready for the show that’s “better than anything on Swedish television!” It’s Episode 7 – For the Kid in S All!


This week’s Filler Friday is dedicated to our good buddy Glenn Case. Without his awesome ability to produce a stellar soundtrack in a sickeningly short period of time, Captain S would not be the show it is today. Thank you, Glenn. Here is a music video, made by Chad, to Glenn’s ballad from Episode 6, Hopeless. Will Captain S return one week from today? You’ll just have to tune in on March 30th to find out!


Are you ready for this one? We’re not sure you are. Ready or not, it’s Episode 6, Nigel Strikes Back. Chad has been a bit too cocky with his powers lately, and this fact has not escaped NES or Game Genie. This could spell trouble for our Video defender, who has underestimated the power of this evil duo on a number of occasions. Be sure not to miss this week’s episode, by far the most epic installment yet. And don’t forget to post on the message boards and let us know your thoughts!


Ohhhhh! Check out this week’s Filler Friday segment. PBC shows some love to the boys from Far From Subtle Productions with their parody of Awesome Video Games. It’s Radical Sega Games! Watch Chad and Beck explore the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, and come to a pretty startling revelation. Episode 6 is a week away (are you getting excited yet? ARE YOU??)


Egads, is it Friday already? Boy, how the time flies! PBC Proudly brings you Episode 5: When Push Comes to Shove-It. Responsibility? What's that? Chad doesn't want to think about it, in fact, he'd be better off without it. However, if he wants to prove to Stacey and the rest of Bromley High that he isn't a broke, slacker doofus, he might have to do something about that. Check out the hilarity sure to ensue! Also, Becky wrote a little in her diary today, so you might want to peek at that as well.


It’s Friday already, and that means it’s time for a new Filler Friday. This week’s installment features some outtakes from Episode 4. Watch and snicker as extras tell jokes, Devon and Ivy record promos, and Chad valiantly attempts to tackle the word “squirrel” while Z provides moral support. PBC, you so CRAZY! Stay tuned next week for Episode 5. Same bat time, same bat…website.


Another Friday is upon us, and here it is for all to see, Episode 4 is finally posted! Please be sure to comment on our Messageboard and let us know what you think!


PBC Productions ventured to the Finger Lakes this past weekend to film some scenes from episodes 5 and 6. Much was accomplished, pizza and wings were eaten, and ghost stories were told. Be sure to tune in this friday when Captain S returns for a 4th episode. What will happen when the science fair invades Bromley High? Becky has a new bulletin where she mentions something about this very science fair. Read up!


Did you finish episode 3 and say to yourself “Gee, so did Chad and Stacey go to the dance or WHAT?!” You’re in luck, because we have exclusive footage from the dance! Was Chad as slick and powerful as Strider? Did he sweep Stacey off her feet with Sonic-like speed? Was the buffet table really all you can eat? Check out this week’s Filler Friday to find out! Episode 4: T-minus 7 days.


Episode 3 is upon us! Chad and the gang return for the third installment of Captain S. It’s Valentine’s Day at Bromley High and Chad has the perfect valentine for Stacey. Little does he know, someone else has the perfect valentine for him. Watch as the love triangle forms in All’s Fair in Love and Sega. And congratulations to Egoraptor, winner of the first Captain S fanart contest! Check out the winning design along with all of the other great entries on the messageboard.


It's friday, Captain S fans, and you know what that means! No, not a new episode (that's next friday.) It's Filler Friday! In this week's short, Chad and NES do battle in a uniquely retro way that will have you "going for the glory." This week's filler friday is also a preview of our new equipment. We're hard at work with our new Panasonic HVX and Rode NT62 shotgun mic. We began filming episodes 4-6 with these gems last week. You can start counting down the days to episode 3, which comes out in one week on February 2nd. Hurry and get your submissions in for the fan-art contest. We'll be announcing the winner with the release of episode 3.


It’s that time of week when we don our code and enter the Megadrive, episode 2 has arrived! This week Chad has a secret crush, and he’s ready to do anything for her even if that means *gulp* playing sports! Check out Chad and co. in the Episodes section now! You’ll also notice there’s a brand-spankin’ new Becky’s Bulletin (she was a little delirious. Something about a boy band.) Stay tuned this Monday, when we’ll be announcing a new fund raiser! And don’t forget to submit for the fanart contest. Winner will be announced February 2nd, when episode 3 airs!


We here at PBC are excited to announce that we will now be a part of the Screw Attack family! The site that is home to Awesome Video Games and The Angry Video Game Nerd will now also be the home to Captain S. Starting on Tuesday, you will be able to view episode 1 and then the schedule will go back to normal with episode 2 hitting on Friday the 19th. Stuttering Craig called us and had a chat with Captain S himself, and you can hear that interview along with the big announcement of our arrival on their website, screwattack.com by listening to their weekly update called mini-sidescroller. Or simply click this link http://screwattack.com/media/2007/SideScrollersMINI_01_15_07.mp3. Captain S is taking off!


Are you bummed that there’s no new episode this week? Is it agony waiting another week for more Captain and the gang? Well chill out, bro, we got you covered! PBC Productions introduces Filler Friday. It’s our way of bridging the gap between episodes. Each Friday that a new episode doesn’t air, we’ll slap up something to keep you entertained. It might be outtakes, a deleted scene or two, or something completely off the wall and zany! Check back tomorrow for our first Filler Friday, and be sure to catch episode two on the 19th. (P.S. You’ll want to check the site Monday. We might just have a super-duper killer announcement to make. Juuuuust maybe.)


We traveled to MAGFest 5 this past weekend in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and premiered Captain S! The show was a hit, and we came away with a lot of positive feedback. The buzz has begun, and it’s starting to show as musicians and artists have stepped forward expressing interest to share their talents with us. Look forward to some more killer Glenn Case music in the coming episodes. Speaking of future episodes, mark your calendars for Friday, January 19th, because that’s when we’ll be airing episode 2!


Happy New Year... almost. We at PBC Productions are excited and proud to launch the website. We will be traveling to Vienna, VA this Thursday for MAGFest 5, and most importantly, the world premiere of The New Adventures of Captain S! If you're headed that way, make sure to be in the video room on Friday night at 1am to see the first 3 episodes. No episodes will be uploaded to the site until the MAGFest premiere and only those at the con will get the sneak peak of episodes 2 and 3, and a chance to snag some free merch! After the premiere, check the site regularly for new episodes, updates, and all things S!