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March 2

I'm still trying to take in this whole video defender thing. I mean if I shut off the logical part of my brain, the whole story fits together. But then I stop and think: he jumps into the television set, takes orders from a gigantic blue head, and fights monsters that are made up entirely of ones and zeros. It's best not to think about that part, and just accept it at face value. I've done a lot of research, and figured out by talking to Chad and the Head that he gets his power from something called the X-Code. I still don't know much about it; the Head seems to stay pretty tight lipped about it, which leads me to believe he's very protective over it. I rigged my Nomad so I can monitor Chad in Video Land. He makes me nervous. Sometimes I think that he thinks he can't be defeated. He's been successful so far, but I just feel like it's partly luck. And luck doesn't last forever.

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