Z's psychic powers are out of control, and there's only one person who can help - Lee from Still Gaming!!


DS-Etiquette and Super Princess Peach

DS-Etiquette & Super Princess Peach

Now that Z has a new DS she’s been playing it all the time… which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Video Game Playlist - Tomb Raider

Video Game Playlist: Tomb Raider

If your videogame soundtrack sucks - replace it! What would Lara Croft listen to whilst adventuring? Z has created a playlist of awesome, butt-kicking girl rock for you to listen to while playing any Tomb Raider game.

Typing Maniac

Typing Maniac

Z has been busy playing a highly competitive online game - on Facebook! Who knew? An encounter with the World Champion sandwiched by a review of the uber-popular Typing Maniac.

Top 5 Cheap or Free Games to Beat the Recession

Top Five Cheap or Free Games to Beat the Recession

Z gives us her Top Five Cheap or Free Games to Beat the Recession - because nothing's worse than being a broke gamer.

Me and My Simon

Z fills us in on the greatest portable gaming device of all time! This star studded episode features none other than TOM GREEN and BLACKWOLF the DRAGON MASTER - check it out!

A dark messenger forces Z to contemplate the impossible - all for the sake of a classic console that no one can remember. Roms, emulators, and the forgotten Adam in this episode of LMG.

director’s note: Z does not actually hate her Mom.

Gamer, Interrupted

Things get crazy when Z is forced to go cold-turkey and not play her favorite addictive game.


Every Christmas, Z asks Santa for a Super Nintendo, and every year she is denied...

America's Got the Next Top Video Game Mascot

Reality Competition Show meets Little Miss Gamer... anything could happen!

High Compatibility

Ever date a gamer? Z's ex-boyfriends all have one thing in common - they all play way too many games! As she recaps previous relationships, Z ventures to her favorite independent videogame store. A parody of a favorite 90's movie.

Wiifit on Elm Street

The WiiFit has a twisted mind of its own, and when Z doesn't work out enough to its liking, things get BLOODY. Does Z have the willpower to wake from this eternal nightmare? Or will the Nintendo peripheral win over all? Freddy fans rejoice; this is one creepy episode you won't want to miss.

You Gonna Finish That?

Z is plagued by the inability to finish video games. In a nightmare, she is visited the evil Count Dracula, who conspires with the cast of Castlevania Symphony of the Night to show her that finishing a game might not mean 'Game Over'.

The Bad Game

With none of her childhood memories living up to her expectations, Z decides to dissect the idea of 'The Bad Game'. Everyone hates on E.T. for the Atari, but is it all that terrible? What makes a game bad, and when do we realize that bad games exist? Will Harry Potter be the next E.T.? Is humanity doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over?

Ask a Pinball Wizard

Last time, Levi showed Z around his pinball showroom and thoroughly explained the history of pinball. Now its Z's turn to show Levi some of the greatest pinball video games ever made - to try to convince the world's biggest critic that it CAN be done well. If a man who repairs and sells pinball machines recognizes the merits of a simulation of a real machine, you know it must be good.

A Boy and His Blob

Blobonia needs a savior and The Boy is up to the challenge. How does one conquer a platformer when there's no jump button? Simple - just whistle for your Jellybean-eating Blob buddy!

Kirby's Adventure

What's pink and sucks? Kirby, of course! Little Miss Gamer walks you through the lovable creampuff's NES romp: Kirby's Adventure. Released after the SNES' arrival, some call it the console's swansong. Z calls it a classic. Bonus travel ad and viewer mail from a certain magic kingdom.

Gitaroo Man

Z reviews one of the greatest console rhythm games, the legendary Gitaroo Man! Plus there's some puppets! And some Haloes! If you aren't playing this game right now, well, watch the review, get pumped, and drive to your local videogame store. Get this - they won't have it. This game is crazy rare.


Little Miss Gamer discovers that there are certain things that can't be replicated on a home console - like pinball! Join LMG as she interviews Levi Nayman, a pinball wiz with a showroom filled with old and new pinball machines. Classic cabinets reviewed include: Dimension, Night Rider, and Eight Ball.


This week Little Miss Gamer takes on another classic: StarTropics for the Nintendo. Although difficult, this game is definitely worth checking out!


Little Miss Gamer takes on the classic NES space shooter, Gyruss. To use the code or not to use the code, moral dilemmas abound for everyone's favorite girl gamer.

Missile Command

Little Miss Gamer shows off another classic game, Missile Command for the Atari 2600. The game that gave her nightmares as a child is on the verge of losing its classic scariness, while the gamer world looks the other way. Also reviewed is the Jakks Pacific Atari Plug-n-Play Collection. Fan mail comes from a Food Fight fan, evil aliens, and a girl gamer who just wants to have fun.