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January 10

Sometimes I’m afraid of what’s going to happen after we graduate. I know it’s still like a million semesters away, but time passes faster than Sonic through the Green Hill Zone these days. Will Lunk, Chad, and I stay friends? Actually the question I should be asking is will either of them be walking across the stage with me? Those boys. One of them can’t seem to concentrate on anything past his next meal and the other is so lovesick with his 16-bit world he’s starting to speak in binary code. (Wouldn’t THAT be something? Me: Hey Chad, could you grab me a shake? Chad: 111000110101. Me: ???) I guess I need to just stop worrying so much. It doesn’t seem to even cross their minds, so why should I lose sleep over it? I could be doing better things, like studying. Or playing more Dinosaurs for Hire. Hmm. Survey says: DINO-MITE!

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