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February 13

I’m trying to decide how to spend my spring break this year. My parents can’t take off, so we won’t be going on any trips. I know I should probably look at colleges and gear up for the SATs but something tells me we’ll either be hanging in Sullivan’s or Chad’s place for most of the time. Speaking of Chad, what do I have to do to get that kid to notice me! I know there’s an attraction there, I felt it. If he could just take his gaze off of Stacey for 2 seconds, maybe he’d notice the girl who is actually interested in him. And has the same interests as him! Can you picture Stacey playing video games? She wouldn’t know the difference between Sonic and Mario. I guess I shouldn’t talk badly about her; she’s a nice girl. It’s just jealousy rearing its ugly head. We actually have to work together on our science fair project soon. I was thinking about studying hedgehogs. That ought to familiarize Stacey with Sonic! He he he!

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