PBC Store is Online!

We’ve talked about it for weeks, but today we put our money where our mouths are in the hopes that you will put your money where our website is. The store is open for business! Check it out, we have a killer t-shirt designed by Maximo, a poster designed by Hex, and some PBC buttons for that added flare we all need. We will be adding more soon, so check back often.

Also, check out Becky’s Bulletin. The poor girl sounds like she’s well…possessed. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t watched Episode 9. Shame on you.

Captain S - Episode 9
Zombies Ate My Homeroom
This is it, guys, we're down to the final 2 episodes. Infuriated by Captain S's comeback, the Game Genie has taken over the body of Bromley High's own Principal Blakemore. Havoc will surely be reaked as unsuspecting students fall victim to Video Land's sinister overlord. Saving Video Land was one thing, but does Chad have it in him to save Earth as well? It's the beginning of the end with Episode 9: Zombies Ate My Homeroom.
It's Only a Dream
Maybe it was something he ate before going to sleep, but Chad is having some pretty wacky dreams. Do they...mean something? Or is it just a trick of the mind? We're no psychologists, so we invite you to view this week's Filler Friday and make the decision for yourselves. Now's the time to get all your friends to start watching Captain S; the climax to season 1 begins in one week with Episode 9: Part 1.
Captain S - Episode 8
Captain S'll Make Ya Clap, Clap
Chad is Back! Video Land is in some serious doo-doo, and it's going to take a true Video Defender to bring it back from the brink. He has trained hard, and is poised to launch a full scale attack against the Game Genie and NES and their minions of pixelated bosses. Will Chad be able to accomplish this monumental task on his own? Will the Game Genie succumb to Chad's new found prowess? Will Becky ever just freakin' tell Chad that she's hot for his body??? GOSH! Now go watch Episode 8: Captain S'll Make You Clap, Clap!
Filler Friday - Episode 7 Outtakes
Good friday, S fans! This week's Filler Friday contains bloopers from Episode 7. Watch as Devon, Brett, and Daniel (the boy in the park) share some classic (and not so classic) yo' mama jokes. Return next week to watch Chad begin his epic fight to save Video Land!

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