History Science Theater Outtakes

PBC is all business on the set. There is never any laughing, screwing around, or tomfoolery of any sort. To showcase this mundaneness, we're bringing you a series of outtakes from the filming of History Science Theater: Robot Appreciation Day. See how Chad and Darrin always keep a straight face. Hear how Brett never curses over botching a line. Pure professionalism, people.

Some of PBC's videos are now on Verizon's V Cast! Whoo! And we'd love it if someone would tell us which ones! We participate in Veoh.com's Best of Veoh V Cast, and they have selected 2 of our videos, but we're not sure which videos since none of us has V Cast. Hook a brotha/sista up, fans!


Yeah, yeah, we know. Another "Filler Saturday." We at PBC are stretched very thin lately, but we hope you don't mind that our vids are occasionally a day late. From the POV of an optimist, we still pump one out every week, right? Right.

This week's selection is a lovingly prepared memento of the greatness that was MAGFest VI. Chock full of peppy VG music, quick cuts, and hilarious footage captured by Devon Riley and Josh Kopstein, it'll bring back all your greatest MAG moments in a torrent of radness that will have you counting the days until MAGFest VII.

And look for new Captain S webcomics and Little Miss Gamer episodes in the coming weeks!

 = Comic #01

We <3 PBC - The Fan-Made Filler Friday

MAGfest 2008. The Captain S marathon had just ended, PBC was taking their bows - when to their surprise, a bonus video appeared! Fans, friends, and colleagues joined together to create a loving tribute to Z, Brett, Devon, Darrin, and Chad - and what's crazy is that they had contacted friends and family members for totally embarrassing photos!

You cheered as he saved Video Land. You cried out for a second season. Now get ready as the Captain S saga continues – as a comic! “Bobo VS Everything” artist Maximo V. Lorenzo and PBC are teaming up to bring you the continuing adventures of Captain S every two weeks! As you can see by the first page, the story continues directly after the conclusion of Season One, and will bridge the gap between Season Two. Get ready for more insane action, riveting plotlines and cheesy humor that you came to love in the first installment of Captain S!

 (click on the above thumbnail to view the webcomic)


A Word from PBC

Well, we're back from MAGFest. It was an awesome experience, as MAGFest tends to be, but this year was extra special for PBC. We celebrated our first year as a company, sold a TON of DVDs, soundtracks, t-shirts, and other merch, and got to meet many people for the first time who have been our friends over the past year.

Maybe it was just that all this good fortune had to run out, or perhaps Darrin has been beating kittens in his spare time, but in any event it has been downhill since our return. Brett, Chad, and Darrin have all come down with illness, Z's laptop died, and to top it off, we were alerted to an issue with disc one of the Captain S DVD. When played straight through, the episodes skip the credits. Unfortunately, despite all of our testing, we somehow missed this. However, rest assured that the problem is being fixed, and if you bought a DVD at MAGFest, you will receive a replacement disc in the mail, free of charge. Please e-mail us your address to z@pbc-productions.com. Those who purchased the DVD online will receive the replacement disc with your DVD. Please know that this is delaying shipping. We'd hate to send you a defective product, and we hope you understand.

To end on a positive note, remember that announcement we made at MAGFest? That special premier we talked about a while ago? Well the waiting ends tonight. We will be posting the news along with a little bit of awesomeness. And stay tuned this friday for our first ever FAN MADE filler friday! That's right, you may have seen "illegal pancake" if you were at the Captain S marathon on saturday, but if not, you'll get to check out the super special video made for us on our one-year anniversary by our amazing friends and fans. Salut, PBC fans!

MAGfest Crossing
Where are we this weekend? At our favorite videogame con, MAGfest! Not only are we unleashing a major announcement (see this space next week for more), but we're also showing the entire first season of Captain S, selling the first available copies of the DVD and soundtrack, as well as a plethora of other merch that will all help fund Season Two of Captain S.

If you didn't get to go to this year's MAGfest, there'll be a special recap vid here next week. See all the crazyness, memories, and premiere goodies rolled into one piece. It'll be kind of like a shepards' pie, video-style.

Upcoming Appearances:

Upcoming Appearances:

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