Comic #14 - For Reals!

 = comic #14

FWOOM! Buddy shows us that he's got an ace in the hole under his pantleg! Who knew his endearing rolemodeling of the Captain had gone this far? Is rolemodeling even a real word? It is today!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the Triumph of William Henry Harrison the other day. Instantly we became enraptured with the truth - that the American public has been deceived for hundreds of years. This documentary splits the atoms of all known facts and exposes the real WHH for all the world to see. If you see one movie this year, this is that one movie. And if you're only watching one movie a year, then what are you doing for money? Are you getting out of the house enough? Have you thought about girls yet? The girls, they like a person to see more than one movie a year. You watched Batman, now check out WHH.

With the disbarment of a certain activist lawyer, we - the gamer press - have to step back and wonder if our coverage of the man's opinions only gave him the power we all feared. There's a great article on Destructoid that explains this way of thinking. We interviewed Jack at VGXPO last year, following his famous debate with Lorne Lanning. Were we right to give him a platform? His spoken opinions would have died soon after that day, but on the Internet, our video remains. Should we try to forget him, or try to stay focused on never again giving someone with his platform a voice? This and other issues are wracking our brains this week.

Z is blazing through Half Life 2, after defeating GlaDOS late last week. The cake is a lie!

Comic #14 - Monday
or 'Like a Fine Wine - Monday'

Hey world. Have you heard about the Triumph of William Henry Harrison? Distract yourself with its sheer awesomeness while we work on getting Comic #14 online. It's coming, let's say...Monday.

The Insult that Made a Man out of 01

RUFAMET presents a tale of summer love, revenge, passion, revenge, and Math. Oh, and also revenge. BUY ROBO ATLAS PRODUCT(tm)!

As Summer turns at last into Fall, we notice changes begin to happen all around us. Sinus infections and sneezes are on the rise. The leaves on your favorite trees are turning from green to a poopy brown. Kids begin to think of Halloween, AND WE ARE NO EXCEPTION!

As PBC gears up for this year's festivities, we're wondering what your plans are for the holiday. Are you going to sit around your computer this year, maybe kill a Halloween-themed monster in your MMO? Dress up like your favorite obscure videogame character, or get drunk playing Halo? Log on to our message board and let us know your plans!

The Video-Land Saga Continues...

 = comic #13

That's RIGHT! The VideoLand Saga rumbles on like a monster truck on so many crushed Buicks. This week's comic includes several references to 80s board games, all of which will fly right over the heads of anyone born past 1990. Still, while we were hashing out what the Captain and Buddy were going to be dodging this time, everyone seemed to have "You'll be caught up in the - CROSS-FIIIIYAAA!" stuck in their heads. Yup. Two decades later and it still plagues our minds.

Z has finally picked up Portal, so if you were one of the hundreds to tell her "OH YOU WOULD LOVE PORTAL!", well, she's playing it. A puzzle game disguised as an FPS made by and for girls - the combination practically screams "gamer girl panel!". We'll see her comments when the controller is laid down.

Look out for a new LMG this Friday. Last weeks turned some heads and freaked some people out - the YouTube comments are actually a pretty funny read (no trolls!).

Little Miss Gamer - Wii Fit
Fall is almost here, and you can expect a lot from PBC in the coming months. This is essentially the calm before the storm. Much is bubbling under the surface. Bubbling, I tell you. Simply bubbling.

It's been a while, but Little Miss Gamer is back this week. The WiiFit has a twisted mind of its own, and when Z doesn't work out enough to its liking, things get BLOODY. Does Z have the willpower to wake from this eternal nightmare? Or will the Nintendo peripheral win over all? Freddy fans rejoice; this is one creepy episode you won't want to miss.

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