History Science Theater: ATTACK!
& Little Miss Gamer on ggtv.com
We know this week should be a comic week, but because Max is busy working on a big project for Tokyopop, we gave him the week off. Instead, we bring you a new installment in the History Science Theater series. This one's quick, but Ernest and Professor Science learn an important lesson about their foes.

Also, you've known for a while that Little Miss Gamer will soon be on goodgametv.com. We're getting very close to a public launch of the site. You can head over and check out the beta phase where you'll find Little Miss Gamer: Missile Command along with a bunch of other awesome video game shows. Little Miss Gamer will continue to be found in her usual spots, but pretty soon her show will update every 2 weeks and will be available in high quality only on goodgametv.com.

Go For Broke Re-Cap

We realize it has been a while since Go For Broke Day came and went, but we wanted to bring you a re-cap of that epic day. Many people sent in challenges. Some were awesome, others impossible, but all FOR BROKE! Check out the top 5 accomplishments, the top 5 most ridiculous challenges, and a bonus video of Brett beating Resident Evil 4 in one sitting.

Video Land Saga #9

So far Chad has been going it alone on his quest to seek out Nigel. This week he'll get a helping hand from an eager young admirer.

 = comic 09

Big shout out to Larry Oji and DJ Pretzel from OverClockedReMix. Both were representing at TooManyGames last weekend, and they pimped us out on the loud speaker all day long. We get a lot of help from OCR in the form of royalty-free music for our videos, and if you've never visited their site, now is as good a time as any. They're an awesome non-profit community of video game remix musicians and they do stellar work.

GTA IV Midnight Release &
Puppet Rampage Trailer

On April 29th, the game that IGN has called 'the best game since Ocarina of Time' dropped. We're talking about GTA IV. Ironically, actually the seventh release in the series, no one really seemed to care monday night. The line was enormous, and everyone was hyped up, ready for this game that was 5 years in the making. Devon Riley returns from his recovery to host the event.

You'll notice we've added a new side bar button for the Puppet Rampage documentary. Check out the trailer cut by Chad! A higher quality Quicktime file awaits you on the Rampage section.


Just a reminder that Brett and Darrin will be at TooManyGames in Reading, PA on sunday, so if you'll be there, come by our table and say hi...and then maybe buy some merch!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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