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Happy Valentine's Day to those of you with sweethearts. And for our single brothers and sisters, TO HELL WITH THIS DAY!

Have you ever liked a game? Like REALLY liked a game? As in a lost track of time, alienated family and friends, and neglected health kind of like? In short, have you ever been...addicted? Little Miss Gamer addresses this very issue in her latest video. What is Z's video-crack, you might ask? Well, it involves frogs, colored balls, and an XBox Live account.

Who Really Saved Christmas?
...and Filler Friday DVD promo

We come at you today with some more relevant screwattack.com content. You may remember a certain non-canonical episode of Captain S from the summer of 2007 where our video defender and the Angry Videogame Nerd together saved Christmas. Well, it has been widely disputed since that time who really played the biggest hand in bringing Santa back from the brink. To settle the score, the Captain and the Nerd duke it out in a no mercy wrestling match, WWE style. We won't tell you who wins, but we're certainly in Mr. Belmon't corner. By the way, we sure have been seeing a lot of Captain S lately. What could it all mean? Might our video defender soon be donning the coveted S jacket again in a new set of adventures? Only time will tell. Look for new Little Miss Gamer next week!

By the way, have you purchased your Filler Friday DVD yet? Have we mentioned it contains 13 of our best shorts, chosen by you? Have we mentioned that there is audio commentary on EVERY short by producers Chad, Brett, and Z? Have we mentioned it's only 10 dollars? 10 FREAKIN DOLLARS! Even in these tough economic times, 10 dollars is an absolute steal for the awesome that is contained in this set. Head over to the store today and pick it up!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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