Captain S - Episode 7
For the Kid in S All

We know you’ve all been simply dying to know what happened after the end of Episode 6. We received many comments letting us know the 2-week wait would be agonizing. We hope you don’t mind, but we take a small bit of pleasure in that. In tonight’s episode, Becky and Lunk try desperately to get Chad out of the funk he’s been in since his defeat at the hands of NES. While Chad won’t seem to listen to his friends, he might be persuaded by someone…a bit smaller. Grab a soda and some chips and get ready for the show that’s “better than anything on Swedish television!” It’s Episode 7 – For the Kid in S All!

Hopeless - Music Video

This week’s Filler Friday is dedicated to our good buddy Glenn Case. Without his awesome ability to produce a stellar soundtrack in a sickeningly short period of time, Captain S would not be the show it is today. Thank you, Glenn. Here is a music video, made by Chad, to Glenn’s ballad from Episode 6, Hopeless. Will Captain S return one week from today? You’ll just have to tune in on March 30th to find out!

Captain S - Episode 6
Nigel Strikes Back

Are you ready for this one? We’re not sure you are. Ready or not, it’s Episode 6, Nigel Strikes Back. Chad has been a bit too cocky with his powers lately, and this fact has not escaped NES or Game Genie. This could spell trouble for our Video defender, who has underestimated the power of this evil duo on a number of occasions. Be sure not to miss this week’s episode, by far the most epic installment yet. And don’t forget to post on the message boards and let us know your thoughts!

Radical Sega Games

Ohhhhh! Check out this week’s Filler Friday segment. PBC shows some love to the boys from Far From Subtle Productions with their parody of Awesome Video Games. It’s Radical Sega Games! Watch Chad and Beck explore the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, and come to a pretty startling revelation. Episode 6 is a week away (are you getting excited yet? ARE YOU??)

Captain S - Episode 5
When Push Comes to Shove-It

Egads, is it Friday already? Boy, how the time flies! PBC Proudly brings you Episode 5: When Push Comes to Shove-It. Responsibility? What's that? Chad doesn't want to think about it, in fact, he'd be better off without it. However, if he wants to prove to Stacey and the rest of Bromley High that he isn't a broke, slacker doofus, he might have to do something about that. Check out the hilarity sure to ensue! Also, Becky wrote a little in her diary today, so you might want to peek at that as well.

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Upcoming Appearances:

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