Happy New Year...er, Spring!

Internet! So much has happened since last we spoke! The PBC mainpage may have been hibernating, but we surely have not been. You may have even noticed a few video releases since last we changed any of the text here.  First and foremost, Puppetfest '09 is here!  The NYC premier was held at the Henson Carriage.  The hurricane-like weather was not a deterrent as over 70 people came to watch the film over two afternoon showings.  The DVD is now for sale, and you can find it on the Puppeteers of America's store for $20.  Please support both PBC Productions and the Puppeteers of America by picking up a copy.

Secondly, Little Miss Gamer has posted a few winterific updates.  New York resembles Seattle right now with its constant rainfall, but only a few short weeks ago it was a winter wonderland.  Schools were cancelled, traffic was at a standstill, and the winter olympics were in high gear.  Z celebrated all things winter by heading out into the borough of Queens on an Animal Crossing adventure, and then had fun with real audio in an Atari tribute to the Winter Olympics.  Check out both videos!

Lastly, a teaser trailer for the Ghostbusters Location Tour video, produced by James "The Angry Video Game Nerd" Rolfe and PBC was released last month.  It's the first look at the footage that was shot all over Manhattan last fall by Brett, James, Chad, and Dan Califf-Glick.  No release date for the film has been set yet, but James and Brett optimistically hope to see it out later this year

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Upcoming Appearances:

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