Captain S Season One - Now on DVD!!!

Because YOU demanded it, season one of The NEW Adventures of Captain S is now available on DVD @ store. This two-disc DVD package features all 10 episodes (over 2 hours!), all Filler Fridays, 2 audio commentary tracks, never before seen outtakes, a 'making-of' featurette, the closely guarded original pilot, and MORE!

This DVD is a 'thank you' to all the fans of the series, and to all the people who made Captain S possible. PS, the original soundtrack - remastered and awesomeified, is also available in the PBC store. You too can own the master work of Glenn Case. Both the CD and DVD are in limited supply, so get yours soon!

We also have all sorts of other new swag in the store - new shirts & posters designed by Maximo, Captain S stickers designed by Hex, and tons, TONS, of different combo deals - so you can get stuff, and we can mail it to you easier. We will be taking orders starting today, and mailing out all the shipments as soon as we return from MAGfest January 7th.

And if you don't already know about MAGfest - well, you better learn quick!

History Science Theater: Robot Appreciation Day
Your favorite post-apocalyptic cable access news team is back to recant the tale of Robot Appreciation Day. Ernest and Professor muse about the year that we blew ourselves up and began celebrating the arrival of a very different kid of savior.

PBC Productiions is HARD at work living up to all those wild MAGFest promises we made. The planets must be aligned just so, because it appears that we will make good on all of them. The DVD is done and looks AWESOME. The soundtrack has been completely re-mastered and sounds AWESOME. The Game Genie/NES t-shirts have been designed and sent to the printers and they are going to look AWESOME. MAGFest cannot come soon enough, kiddies.

Little Miss Gamer: Pinball!
Part 1:
Part 2:

Little Miss Gamer discovers that there are certain things that can't be replicated on a home console - like pinball! Join LMG as she interviews Levi Nayman, a pinball wiz with a showroom filled with old and new pinball machines. Classic cabinets reviewed include: Dimension, Night Rider, and Eight Ball.

Anime USA - 2007
Ninjas battle Pirates on the dance floor! Cosplayers duel it out on stage and on a giant chessboard! J-rock icons Back-On melt your face off in concert! These stunning feats and more await at one of America's greatest anime cons, Anime USA. PBC sandwiches three awesome days of con into one glamorous highlight reel of the 2007 convention.

Upcoming Appearances:

Upcoming Appearances:

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MAGfestJanuary 3-6 2013 National Harbor, MD

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