Fellowship of the Donut

Ahoy, gentle viewers. Another friday is upon us which means new content from the crew here at PBC. With Chad and Z still away, Brett and Devon continue to find trouble. Nay, seek trouble. This week, the pair finds themselves with one last donut that neither wants to eat. How to rid themselves of the superfluous confection? Why, a mighty quest! It's one deep-fried-dough-ring to rule them all. Watch Fellowship of the Donut. Special Guest: Matt Todd!

AND...Captain S was given a kind mention on the popular, independent gamer blog Destructoid.com this past week. Give it a read!

Brett and Devon: Home Alone!

Captain S may be over for the time being, but PBC is going to continue to bring you content every friday! This week Chad and Z take a much needed vacation after the conclusion of Captain S, leaving Devon and Brett to hold down the fort. Yeah...we know. They obviously didn't think this one through. Watch as "Junior" and "Baby" become house sitters for 2 weeks. This will not be pretty. It's Brett and Devon: Home Alone!

Also, you asked for it, so as of tonight, the entire first season of Captain S is being archived on both youtube and myspace. Fire up your Wiis and watch on the big screen!

Captain S - Episode 10
Good. Bad. He's the Guy With the KICK!

This is it, S fans. The final installment in the first season of The New Adventures of Captain S. Last we left Chad, Bromley High had become the site of a zombie apocalypse...of sorts. The Game Genie, in the disguise of Principal Blakemore, reveals himself to Captain S before being pulled back into Video Land by NES. With Becky still zombified, and Lunk and Stacey trying to fend off the posessed students, Chad has one task remaining: destroy the Game Genie. But does he have what it takes to defeat the Evil Emperor alone? Watch as the epic conclusion unfolds...FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokemon - Devon, Diamond, and Pearl

This week marks the first Filler Friday that is NOT Captain S related. This is a taste of what PBC content will be post-Captain S, as we intend to continue to release a short for the web every Friday. On Sunday, April 21st, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the DS were released at Nintendo World. Brett and Devon, after being up all night, traveled into Manhattan to document this momentous occasion. Devon is immersed in the hype and can barely contain his joy. Brett…well, Brett really wants a bagel. Enjoy this mini-doc and remember that the season FINALE of Captain S is only one week away!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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