Captain S - Episode 2
S.S. He's Our Man

It’s that time of week when we don our code and enter the Megadrive, episode 2 has arrived! This week Chad has a secret crush, and he’s ready to do anything for her even if that means *gulp* playing sports! Check out Chad and co. in the Episodes section now! You’ll also notice there’s a brand-spankin’ new Becky’s Bulletin (she was a little delirious. Something about a boy band.) Stay tuned this Monday, when we’ll be announcing a new fund raiser! And don’t forget to submit for the fanart contest. Winner will be announced February 2nd, when episode 3 airs!
We here at PBC are excited to announce that we will now be a part of the Screw Attack family! The site that is home to Awesome Video Games and The Angry Video Game Nerd will now also be the home to Captain S. Starting on Tuesday, you will be able to view episode 1 and then the schedule will go back to normal with episode 2 hitting on Friday the 19th. Stuttering Craig called us and had a chat with Captain S himself, and you can hear that interview along with the big announcement of our arrival on their website, by listening to their weekly update called mini-sidescroller. Or simply click this link Captain S is taking off!
Filler Friday - Episode 1 Outtakes
Are you bummed that there’s no new episode this week? Is it agony waiting another week for more Captain and the gang? Well chill out, bro, we got you covered! PBC Productions introduces Filler Friday. It’s our way of bridging the gap between episodes. Each Friday that a new episode doesn’t air, we’ll slap up something to keep you entertained. It might be outtakes, a deleted scene or two, or something completely off the wall and zany! Check back tomorrow for our first Filler Friday, and be sure to catch episode two on the 19th. (P.S. You’ll want to check the site Monday. We might just have a super-duper killer announcement to make. Juuuuust maybe.)
MAGFest 5
We traveled to MAGFest 5 this past weekend in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and premiered Captain S! The show was a hit, and we came away with a lot of positive feedback. The buzz has begun, and it’s starting to show as musicians and artists have stepped forward expressing interest to share their talents with us. Look forward to some more killer Glenn Case music in the coming episodes. Speaking of future episodes, mark your calendars for Friday, January 19th, because that’s when we’ll be airing episode 2!

Upcoming Appearances:

Upcoming Appearances:

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MAGfestJanuary 3-6 2013 National Harbor, MD

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