Little Miss Gamer: Missile Command

She's back! With all the positive feedback about the Food Fight review, we knew we had struck INTERNET GOLD. This time Little Miss Gamer reviews another blast from her past – Missile Command for the Atari 2600. Nightmares and nuclear holocausts to ensue. Intro music by the unconquerable Glenn Case. Stay tuned for more non-traditional games to be reviewed.

Send in your questions and comments for the next Little Miss Gamer to: littlemissgamer - AT -

History Science Theater: Religion

History Science Theater seemed to go over really well with the masses, so we've brought Ernest and Professor Science back for a second installment. This time the Post Apocalyptic Public Access Channel takes a stab at religion. Well, specifically, one rare group of religious fanatics known as the Hari Potters. Watch as Professor Science gets up close and personal with a few of the dying breed's followers.

Also, head over to where we are featured on the mainpage today along with farfromsubtle and gamezombie (notice a trend there?) Plus we're now listed under their featured artists. PBC, movin on up in the world!

Robot Safety Awareness

Robots United for a More Efficient Tomorrow created this public service announcement - because Robots need Safety Tips too!

If you hadn't heard, we're going to be showing Captain S (all 11 episodes), giving a panel, and hanging out max / relaxing all cool at Anime USA in November!  Besides getting ready for MAGFEST, we've been psyching ourselves up for another healthy slice of otaku.  Chad, Z, and Brett will either be selling PBC merch in Artists Alley, or taking on all comers in the videogame room.  PS, we'll also be at VGXPO, so if you're a Philly native, hit us up!

In other news our ITunes podcast is finally processed, approved, up and ready to be subscribed too! So go ahead and take PBC with you wherever you go, we dare you!

ITunes Podcast Link - click and subscribe!

PBC Podcast!!!! (Video & Audio)

So here it is, this weeks content, well... kind of. The uploading of all our stuff onto ITunes is taking a lot longer than we planned, however, while we wait here's an edition of our first ever audio podcast all about our adventures at this year's Digital Life Expo, and check back on this site tomorrow morning for a link to subscribe to our ITunes Podcast. Yeah!

Special Thanks to: ffgothic at, and Digital Media Wire for use of their photos.

PBC Audio Podcast: Episode 1 - Digital Life

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Upcoming Appearances:

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