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It's Thanksgiving and we here at PBC have been uber busy filming and editing new content for you to watch. We know it's been a while since a Little Miss Gamer episode, so here's a brand spankin new one to satiate all of you out there for at least a little while. More updates soon, after we finish digesting all the yummy food and leftovers.... mmmmm leftovers.
VGXPO, IMDB, funny puppets, and more!

VGXPO 2008 is here! If you're in or near Philadelphia this weekend, you'd be a pauper's uncle to miss out. Chad, Brett, Darrin, and Life in a Game's Dan Califf Glick will be hanging out, and doing some shooting. PBC has a table on the main floor, so if you've been waiting for an opportunity to buy merch and not have to pay shipping, go go go! For more information, or directions, visit

This week's Filler Friday is some out-takes from our Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Flick short we made a few weeks ago. There was probably enough hilarious material to make 2 or 3 trailers, but sadly something had to hit the cutting room floor. So today, we bring the cutting room floor to your computer. You're welcome.

Our film Puppet Rampage is now on imdb, thanks to the Queens International Film Festival. Within a week of the festival, our submission finally went through, and PBC has made its way onto the world's most comprehensive film database. We just got that much more legit. Did you feel it? I felt it. Now we're just waiting on that phone call from Ron Howard. Aaaaaaaany day now.

Lastly, PBC is updating its mailing list, so if you've moved in the last year or so, please be so kind as to send us your new address to z(AT)

Polling for Great JUSTICE!
As mentioned in Friday's vlog, we are creating a 'Best of PBC' DVD for sale at MAGFest. Rather than toot our own horn and decide what's best, we're putting the choice on you! After all, you're the ones who will be plunking down the cash. So, without further ado, please head over to our poll and cast your vote for your favorite 10 videos. The top 25 or so will make it on the DVD. The poll will only be open for the next 2 weeks, so don't waste any time!
What a beautiful night for a vlog

It has been almost 7 months since our last vlog, but who's counting, right? We find ourselves only one week away from VGXPo, and only a month and a half away from MAGFest, two of the biggest, best video game conventions on the East Coast. You can expect to find us rubbing elbows and hocking schwag at both cons. We're even going to have some NEW merch at MAGFest, which gets mentioned in the vlog. Get ready for video game character puppets by Z and a Best of PBC DVD that YOU get to pick the videos for. In a few days, there will be a survey on the main page where you can vote for which videos you would like to see on a DVD that will go on sale at MAGFest. So if you haven't pre-registered for MAGFest, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Some "closure" if you will, and also a plug for our first Film Festival Screening!

 = comic #17

Just like this week's election, comic #17 gives some closure to our risky sidequest. Or does it?

It's a new day for America. As each member of PBC cast their vote this Tuesday, we felt a little relieved. Or at least I did, anyway. These last two years of constant campaigning, name-calling, media blitzing, all for this one moment. It's the kind of thing you blog about, like "where were YOU when Obama won?". Everybody's got a story. Well, I could tell you exactly where we were that night, but instead I'm going to tell you about where we'll be this Sunday. The Queens International Film Festival or QIFF (sounds fun) is happening right now! and we're scheduled to have the Queens premiere of Puppet Rampage on Sunday. We're hoping it'll be a bigger audience than the summer screening in Manhattan, so we're inviting YOU!

The details for the PR screening are as follows ->

Be there, or be .. not as cool as the people who went.

Robot Safety Awareness + Bullies = Best Short Films in the World!!!!

Bobby Miller from the blog "The Best Short Films in the World" has featured Robot Safety Awareness - The Insult that Made a Man out of 01 on their wesbite!!! Whoo-hoo.

The Video-Land comic will be making it's way to the site very shorty. While you wait be sure to check out the other robot shorts.

Upcoming Appearances:

Upcoming Appearances:

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MAGfestJanuary 3-6 2013 National Harbor, MD

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