Little Miss Gamer-
You Gonna Finish That?

Z is plagued by the inability to finish video games. In a nightmare, she is visited by the evil Count Dracula, who conspires with the cast of Castlevania Symphony of the Night to show her that finishing a game might not mean 'Game Over'.

Otakon is just around the corner. Pre-registration is over, but you can still come and pay at the door. Check out for details, and COME MEET MEEP MOP!

Another lost trailer and
PBC interview on TWiG

Meep Mop shows up again in another summer hit! That rascally robot has been surprising us left and right with its cameo appearances in alternate cuts.

The PBC interview by This Week in Geek host Mike "The Birdman" Dodd aired this past weekend, and is now available for download. Give it a listen!

NEW! Alternate Iron Man
Costume for Tony Stark

You all remember Meep Mop, the adorable custodial android being picked on by Ernest and Professor Science on the set of History Science Theater. Well Meep Mop will be accompanying the fine folks from PBC Productions to Otakon next month in Baltimore. For those of you geeks who live under a moon rock, Otakon is the biggest anime convention on the east coast. If you're going to be there, look for the diminuative cardboard robot chasing people around with flyers. Also look for a few more Meep Mop trailers on the site in the coming days!

PBC Productions was interviewed this past week by Mike "the Birdman" Dodd from the show This Week in Geek, broadcast in Canada on CRNC 90.1 FM, the Heat. The show will air sometime this weekend or next week, but if you don't iive in the Niagara region of Canada, download the podcast on iTunes or just visit their site.

Little Miss Gamer: The Bad Game
This week's episode of Little Miss Gamer finds Z coming to a troubling revelation: sometimes we view the past through rose colored glasses. Only when we're confronted with some monstrosities from our childhood many years later do we truly appreciate the enormity of their suckage. This can apply to books, movies, tv shows, and yes, even video games.

Remember that the Video Land Saga is taking a break for the rest of July. You can expect weekly video content from PBC in its stead. Also, remember to check out Puppet Rampage, now available for purchase through the Puppeteers of America's online store.

June NAVA: The Three-Way Brawl!

NAVA, 2008. It was a brutal freaking beatdown between AVGN, That Guy, and Captain S! The Nerd and The Critic's online tiff boiled over at Digital Press in front of a gigantic crowd - clearly the most people we've ever seen at a NAVA meetup. As for the fight, I think the video says it all. The aftermath, however, was typical of the great times we've always had at Digital Press - food, fun, videogames, and nerds abound!

The question on everyone's minds: why was Captain S involved? What was his beef and why did he join into the fray? Well, my friends, asking those questions is like asking "why is the grass green?" Whether its a full-on Christmas saving or a brutal slow-motion street fight, the Captain is always ready to throw down!

Speaking of Captain S, the VideoLand Saga is officially on a hiatus until next month. Don't worry, S and Buddy are emarking on an epic adventure that will rock the foundations of the land and also reveal trade secrets that relate to Seasons 1 and 2! We'll continue to release awesome content in place of our regular comic updates.

Also! PBC's first Full Length Documentary is now available at the Puppeteers of America online store! Puppet Rampage is our first professional work, so please support us (and the PofA) by buying that DVD.

Puppet Rampage Now ON SALE!!!

It's PBC's first full length documentary and now you yourself can have your own copy!!! How awesome is that?!?! The DVD is for sale at the Puppeteers of America online store: Definitely go and pick up one or a few, we are very proud of this project, and know that you'll love it too.

July, 2007: over 500 puppeteers descended upon St. Paul, MN for a week of hair-raising, ground breaking, internationally acclaimed puppet shows. Some came for workshops, others came to perform. Will the art form survive? Are national festivals necessary? Puppeteers ranging from unknown to legendary will sound off as the week rampages on...

PBC's first Full Length Documentary available at the Puppeteers of America online store


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Upcoming Appearances:

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