Still Gaming: Food Fight

This week, PBC Productions wants to reach out to a fellow screwattack/youtube friend who isn't feeling so well. He goes by Sashanein, and he does a program called Still Gaming Review. You can check out his stuff at He's been a big supporter of Captain S and PBC since the get go, and we're grateful for all his support. So as a way of saying thanks, we've asked his permission to produce a few episodes of Still Gaming while he's under the weather. We bring you the first in the series tonight, with Z's review of Food Fight for the Atari 7800. Bon Apetit!

Oh,yeah, and the Captain S/AVGN Christmas special premieres in one week.

Rampage Diaries - #7

It's Chad and Brett's last day at the festival before a long drive home to start editing the documentary.

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Rampage Diaries - #6

Shadow Puppets abound, and a short message from Puppeteers of America president Wayne Krefting.

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Rampage Diaries - #5

Marionettes, Shadow Puppets and more... the guys continue to get footage on the festival, and very little sleep.

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Rampage Diaries - #4

Wednesday was filled with even more diverse forms of puppetry. Stay tuned as the Rampage continues on...

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Rampage Diaries - #3

Tuesday was the official first day of the 5 day long event! Chad and Brett were there taping performances and capturing all the action.

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Rampage Diaries - #2

Today's entry covers Day 3 of Chad and Brett's trip, their first day in St. Paul. While the festival doesn't start until Tuesday, the pair still managed to snag quite a few puppeteers for interviews some of which include Sandy Spieler - Artistic Director of In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, Paul Zaloom (of Beakman's World fame) and Drew Allison and Bob Nathanson - the festival well as get plenty of B roll footage.

VLog created by: Tory Vargas

Tory Vargas has graciously volunteered to help us out with filming and editing the vlogs throughout the week.

Rampage Diaries - #1

PBC Productions was hired by the Puppeteers of America to create a documentary of their 2007 National Puppet Festival - Puppet Rampage - taking place at Concordia University in ST Paul, MN. We'll be Vloging our adventures throughout the week.

Days 1 & 2 = a whole lot of driving...

Chad Rants on 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain
Yeah, it's late on a Friday night and your probably saying - come on PBC I need my fix... well, we hear ya. Suffice it to say, there were complications today, not to mention the fact that Chad and Brett are leaving tomorrow for over a week to film our first full-length documentary about the National Puppetry Festival: Puppet Rampage taking place in St. Paul, MN.

I'm sure you've all seen that smash hit of 1998 starring Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson, and the late Jim Varney. You know, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain. No? Seriously? Well Chad, despite having a soft spot in his heart for this "classic," exposes the film for what it truly is.
Captain S / AVGN Teaser Trailer
You could not possibly be prepared for this week's Filler Friday. You asked for it, you dreamed about it, you may have even started writing the script. But you didn't see it coming. Captain S will be back for one more episode, and this time he's pairing up with a completely unlikely candidate. Who, you're asking? Well he might just be the angriest guy we've ever heard. Fanboys and girls, commence your squeals of delight as you watch the teaser trailer to this summers blockbuster event. Coming...soon.

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