An Open Letter
to Mr. MAGFest

Can we take a moment to embarass a dude? A dude, who for the last 6 years has worked his ass off to bring the world the nerd-tacular party that is MAGFest. Those of you who have been there understand the awesome. But what you might not know is how hard Brendan Becker works the other 361 days getting ready. This man is already making arrangements for next year the day the con ends. You'll find him at AMA, AUSA, Otakon, TooManyGames, and just about every other anime or video game con along the east coast plugging MAGFest tirelessly, often donned in a gigantic cardboard Wii-mote. So nerds, raise a glass and toast to the man who brings us all together once a year to geek the funk out. Here's to Brendan Becker, aka Mr. MAGFest!
It's here! Mad Hatter's
'Overheat' Music Video!
We promised you a music video and we delivered.

Dozens of geeks gathered together to shoot the video at MAGfest in small, hot room. The 'ExciteBiker', Matthew Mahoney, is a THON veteran who was chosen both for his ability to bust a move and for his innate lack of fear. The video features Internet video game celebrities James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Stuttering Craig (, A_Rival (Wave Theory), Devon Riley (Captain S), Bobby Bokista (VirtualFools), and others.

'Overheat' is one of eleven tracks on MadHatter's Nintendo-inspired rap album, 8-Bit Bullshit. Hatter's site describes the album as "11 tracks full of nonstop Nintendo memories to bob your head to". The video was conceived, shot, and cut by Chad. A word of warning to our viewers with small children, this video is a little more PG-13 than usual. Nothing too explicit, but there is some naughty language.

Hey, 2009, what's that over there?

That's right! We've hit 2009 like a bag of rusty railroad spikes. Fresh from MAGFest, we're ready for the new year, and all the fame and fortune it will surely bring us. Surely. I can tell right from the get-go that this will be a great year for PBC. We have a lot of exciting projects on the horizon, and expect big things from ourselves, so you just go right ahead and do the same thing. There's a site re-design coming, some new partnerships forming, and this is officially off-the-record (get it?) but we might see the return of a certain defender of Video-Land.

The biggest change you will notice right off the bat is we'll be scaling back how much content we release. We had a good run of that whole "new video every week" for 2 years, but it has become too much for any of us to handle. This is not a bad thing. It means we have more time to work on the projects that people are really interested in. From now on, we will promise one video each month, with the possibility of more, should the occasion arise. To make up for this, when the site gets re-designed, the front page will be more like a blog, where any member of PBC can write a little something, be it pertaining to PBC, video games, or whatever. This way, you'll still have reason to visit the site. If anything, it might get you to poke around the front page more often.

While we aren't posting original content this week, we bring you a freebie from While at MAGFest, Stuttering Craig shot an impromptu video of Brett (as Captain S) showing him around the convention, and then cut it together MTV Cribz style. To answer your question, no, Brett was not under the influence of ANYTHING when this was shot, thank you very much. And you can exect the music video for Overheat very soon. Chad worked hard to cut it all together. I've seen the rough, it's hilarious.


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Upcoming Appearances:

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