Video-Land Saga - 'The Revival Tour'
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 = comic #12

RESURRECTION! Just like your slain party members, Captain S VideoLand Saga is BACK FROM THE DEAD! This new comic by Maximo kicks off what we're gonna call 'the revival tour'. There were some much-needed meetings where we hashed alot of stuff out, and result is as you see before you: a high quality product that all S-fans can enjoy.

All of PBC are mad busy working a secret black project, but we're still delivering content to you every single Friday. Watch for a new episode of Little Miss Gamer next Friday, and stay tuned for a big reveal in the Fall!

Colossal WIN: behind the scenes @ Otakon 2008
The drama! The mayhem! Our goal was to create a short film in two hours in front of a live audience at Otakon 2008. The filmmaking workshop flew forward at break-neck speed -- there lay at the end of our journey only one thing - WIN, or FAIL.

What resulted is cataloged in this hilarious doc. Thanks to a behind-the-scenes videographer, those crazy two hours are captured for all to see.
Colossal Epic Battle - Meep Mop, WheelJack, Mike Dent, and Comic #11 revamped!

 = comic #11

This past weekend, PBC attended Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, MD. On friday night, we hosted a panel called "Fan Film-making with PBC." In the course of our 2-hour panel, we shot a sentai robot battle with Meep Mop and a cos-player dressed as Wheeljack. It was every bit as awesome as that sounds. On Saturday, we spent another hour filming the events leading up to the battle with R5 Central host Mike Dent, and quickly edited together most of the video to screen that night during the fan-parody block in the 2,000 seat video room. What we present to you today is the FINISHED product of what we started in Otakon. Meep Mop, Mike Dent, and a sentai robot battle. This is COLOSSAL EPIC BATTLE!

We also welcome the return of The Video-Land Saga, Maximo V. Lorenzo's webcomic chronicaling the adventures of Captain S, post-season one. It's been on hiatus for a while, but today we bring you a re-vamped edition of the most recent comic in the series, comic #11. Captain S and Buddy team up to seek out answers regarding the plague that claimed the life of Buddy's father, as well as many other inhabitants of Video-Land.

From the PBC Vault...
Un-released Captain S Footage!
This week, PBC issues a blast from the past. Take a trip down memory lane, won't you, to a time when Captain S was still new, and Friday meant Friday. Not Saturday. Or Sunday. Or...Monday. Because we are very busy preparing for Otakon, we decided to release some pre-existing content so as not to break our backs from adding even the tiniest bit more work to our immense load. Chad and Brett take a look at an early version of the epic fight in Episode 6 between Captain S and NES. We can look back now and laugh, but at the time, this episode was shaping up to be a disaster. Thanks to the wise decision to re-shoot, and a few last minute miracles, Episode 6 lives on as a strong fan favorite.

Last chance to board the Otakon train! PBC leaves NYC at the butt-crack of dawn today for what promises to be a otaku-tastic weekend complete with 35,000 sweaty, excited anime fans, many adorned with elaborate costumes and "Hug Me" signs. We'll be leading a panel on Friday evening called Fan Film Making from 6-8 pm in room 339/340. We'll actually be filming and (mostly) editing a sentai film in 2 hours! That's right, come and bear witness to this act of lunacy. There will be plenty of Meep Mop to go around!
Meep Mop 4:
Cardboard Robot Action

This year, we END Otakon. We're packin' a green screen, Meep Mop Minis and a whole lotta merch. Baltimore can't hold us back! We're too big! King Kong ain't got nothin on Meep Mop!

Come to our panel for a truly unique time - we're throwing an interactive / audience participation event! WATCH as we film a special FX-heavy scene involving old Sentai tricks of the trade! LAUGH as special guest Mike Dent (from the podcast R5 Central) helps us film something truly hilarious! SMIRK as you realize that we're not running against the concert this year! Woo-hoo! The room is TBD, but the time is 6-8pm on Friday. Again, it's audience participation, so bring friends and be in a PBC film!

Unrelated . . . reports are in that the crazed robot Meep Mop is on a warpath of destruction, rocketing into outer space. Where it'll wind up . . . that's for the Robo-Fates to know. If only the crew of the RaiDecker could be warned!


For those of you who are fans of's show Life in a Game, you may have noticed a cameo by our very own Chad Williams in the most recent episode, reprising his role as P. Rappa. Chad wrote, directed, and starred in a film by X-Strike Studios entitled P. Rappa's Nth Mile Dilemma: A Ghetto-tastic Rap-venture. You can pony up 10 bucks and buy said movie over on the X-Strike Studios website. Support our nerdy brethren!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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