Still Gaming Review: Splatterhouse 3

This week, PBC takes another "stab" at SashaNein's Still Gaming Review. Chad reviews the classic 16-bit horror game, Splatterhouse 3, for the Sega Genesis.

And not to tease you or anything, but stay tuned for a big announcement on Labor Day...

Parappa Puppet Pals, Episode 1:
Twice Told Tale
It's Parappa the Rapper, puppet style! PJ tells a scary story by the campfire for Parappa, Sunny, and Katy. A story that hits a little too close to home...
Still Gaming: Blades of Steel
This week PBC takes on a Still Gaming Review again, as SashaNein (youtuber/screwattack G1) is still out sick. Brett acts as the guest reviewer this time around, musing about the classic NES hockey game, Blades of Steel. Check it out, and relive the fast paced hockey, bone crunching fights, and barely audible voice acting (did he say "with the pass" or "hit the pass?")

And head over to where you'll find the Screwattack Royal Rumble, played on Raw Vs. Smackdown. Captain S and NES make appearances. The Captain gets ousted fairly quickly, but NES holds his own for some time. Captain S wanted me to say "let's see how well you wrestle after YOU just saved Christmas."
Greater Gamer Culture:
Resident Horror Day 1
As some of you may know, Chad and Brett both got their starts in low-budget film making with X-Strike Studios. X-Strike's goal is to make video game movies the right way, and not the processed, dumbed down way Hollywood usually approaches the subject matter. Last weekend marked the first day of shooting on their most current project, Resident Horror, a sequel to their 2004 movie, Silent Horror, in which PBC's own Brett Vanderbrook was the star. Chad and Brett were on location with the boys (a location some of you Captain S fans may recognize) to help out. Writer/Directors Rory O'Boyle and Tim Ekkebus discuss the project, how the first day went, and about being low-budget film makers. Check out the latest installment in the Greater Gaming Culture series: Resident Horror Day 1.

We'd also like to thank everyone for their amazing support of the Captain S/Angry Video Game Nerd crossover. The episode has been wildly successful, garnering over 60,000 views on, and almost 5,000 on our site in just about one week. We've also gained a few hundred youtube subscribers, and a couple thousand page views. You guys rock!
A Very Nerdy Non-Canonical
Captain S Christmas

You've waited more than 2 months for a new Captain S episode. Well, today is that day! When Santa Claus is kidnapped by the Game Genie, it's up to Captain S to try and save Christmas.  What he finds when he arrives in Video Land is an unexpected prisoner who turns out to be a tad ornery.  However, it quickly becomes apparent that without the help of this Nerd, he may not be able to free Kris Kringle.  Don't miss the buddy flick of the summer, 4 months in the making!

And please visit and support the guys that helped bring Captain S to the masses!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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