Happy 2-year Anniversary

It seems like only yesterday that we launched our website. It was New Year's eve 2006. Instead of going to a party, hitting up the bars, or even visiting friends and family, we at PBC spent that night getting ready for the launch of pbc-productions.com, and the world premier of Captain S. We didn't have a fanbase or even a single video on the site yet, but that soon changed. Two years later, we have 2 major series under our belt, and over 100 short videos floating around the internet. Not to mention a few thousand dedicated fans. And here we are again, being lame on New Year's eve to ready ourselves for another bodacious MAGFest. Forget December 25th, THIS is our Christmas! So Happy New Year's to all of you out there celebrating (or not celebrating) and thank you for keeping PBC Productions going over 2 years strong.

For all you headed to MAGFest, we'll see you tomorrow evening. For those you you not going, I have 2 words: LAY AME. Check out the trailer to the Filler Friday DVD, vol. 1, which will be available for sale at MAGFest. Don't fret if you can't make it, it'll be available in our store. This will likely be a limited run, though, so don't wait to get your hands on this collector's item for a measly $10!
Filler Friday - Volume 1 DVD is here!!!

Filler Friday Volume 1

The NEW Filler Friday DVD is here! Packed with the best 13 of our 100 shorts – picked by you! – it promises to be the most epic PBC release to date. Even better is the price – just TEN DOLLARS! That's right, you get the cream of PBC's first two years of shorts, along with audio commentary, for just TEN BUCKS. Tis the season to support independent film. Your contributions will go directly towards making more PBC shorts, like Little Miss Gamer!

<begin blog>

Happy Holidays everybody! We hope that the last week has been as awesome to you as it has been to us. Lighting candles…unwrapping gifts…seeing family and dunking them into snowbanks. Ahhh yes. Darrin, Brett, Chad, and Z have been visiting family in Western New York, which means one thing: lots and lots of snow! Whether it was sledding in a local state park or drinking hot cocoa inside, WNY has been a non-stop winter wonderland. Even with the few inches of rain we got yesterday. The snow madness continues.

Speaking of madness, MAGfest is literally next week. It begins on New Years' Eve with a party and doesn't stop rocking until Sunday afternoon. If you haven't ordered your badges or hooked up on the 'I need a ride' forum, now is the time. Nobody likes standing in a "didn't register yet" line. Get signed up before it's too late.

At MAG, we'll be shooting a music video for the track 'Overheat' by MadHatter. Again, as soon as we know what time and place we'll be meeting to kick it off, it'll be posted here. There's an ExciteBike theme to the video, so bring your racing gear. Heck, just bring yourself. We need extras like Devon needs a new beard. One guy has even promised tricycles.

So what kind of awesome swag did you bag this holiday season? Did you come home with cookies (like me) or score a brand new console (like my bro)? Post your gifts, and keep our forums alive!



Merry SNESmas!

With all of the December holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be an appropriate time for Little Miss Gamer to air a 15 year grievance she's had with Santa. All she ever wanted was an SNES. Was it so much to ask? WAS IT??!

In light of the spirit of giving, PBC donated a little swag to the 12 Days of Geekmas over on the wired.com blog community, Geek Dad. You'll be able to win some Captain S merch on the 11th day, December 22nds, if you head over and leave your info in a blog comment. Thanks to Z. from Hipster, Please! for getting us involved!


Happy holidays all!

VGXPO '08: Mudkips and
Cheesesteaks for all!

Late last month, the male members of PBC traveled to VGXPO in Philadelphia, PA, and did some SERIOUS investigative reporting about gaming in America. These are our reports. No names or faces have been changed; screw the innocent.

MAGFest: T-minus 13 days!

ExciteBike music video needs extras!
We will be shooting a music video at this year's MAGfest and need your help! We're looking for gamers of all ages and sizes to get pumped and jump around to a crazy rap song. It's the more the merrier, so bring your friends, costumes, a favorite beverage and get ready to rock out.

The song is 'OverHeat', the ExciteBike tribute track on MadHatter's album 8-Bit Bullshit.

The official time and place will come later in the month. It will most likely be labeled 'PBC shoots a music video' in your Magfest pamphlet. We need gamers to represent the culture and have a great time, I can't emphasize that enough. It's gonna kick ass!

Video-Land Saga #18 and... MAGFest approaches!

MAGFest draws ever closer... only 26 more days. If you are a gamer, and are within a 1,000 mile radius of Alexandria, VA, you really should consider coming out. It's more than worth the drive/flight/teleportation. Music, games, and the tightest knit group of nerds you'll find this side of Alderon. PBC is going to be there all 4 glorious days, and as promised, we will have new merchandise including a 'Best of PBC' DVD, and hand/finger puppets based on real video game characters made by Little Miss Gamer herself.

Head over to http://courtwright.org/magfest/preregistration/ today. If you're not able to pre-register, don't fret. Registration can be done once you arrive, too. Just make sure to make travel/lodging arrangements. No one wants to sleep on the sidewalk... :)

 = comic #18

This friday, we bring another installment in the Captain S web-comic, aka the Video-Land Saga. Last we left our heroes, they had returned from their treacherous journey to retrieve the Mega-Vitamin. When given to Liz, she transformed from the buxom young lab assistant to a towering lizard-like creature! Insane, you think? Captain S sees it as Video-Land business as usual.

Upcoming Appearances:

Upcoming Appearances:

Games on Film Festival
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MAGfestJanuary 3-6 2013 National Harbor, MD

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