On Saturday June 16 our duo team of brothers Devon and Shael Riley journeyed out to Arkansas to attend the OneUp Studios 5th annual BBQ. Here's just a smattering, a taste if you will, of what went down.

Captain S takes on AMA 2007

No, your clocks were not abducted by killer space mantises and set ahead 24 hours, this week's Filler Friday really is being released on Thursday. An unprecedented 4 members of PBC (that's 100% for you statisticians out there) will be out of town, with no access to the internet. Rather than deprive our fans, we chose the alternative. Don't thank us, make a donation instead! </charity plea>

ANYHOW, this week marks our 25th video in a row! Not one week missed since we started Captain S on January 5th. WHEW! Last weekend, Chad and Brett headed down to Richmond, Virginia for Anime Mid-Atlantic 2007, a convention centered around anime and Japanese pop culture. In honor of the sheer geekiness of it all, Brett donned the Captain S attire and interviewed other con-goers who were dressed in costume while Chad documented everything on camera. The result is this week's Filler Friday: Captain S takes on AMA 2007!

And check out for their kind blog on the second part of our Gamers Against Violence documentary.

Gamers Unite: part 2 "The Stand"

Today PBC brings you the conclusion to its Gamers Against Violence Documentary. In this part, entitled "The Stand" we document the Gamers Unite demonstration, and explore whether or not the event was a success and the future implications it may hold. Check out "The Stand" now, and also be sure to visit where part one of the doc was blogged yesterday.

Gamers Unite: part 1 "Hardcore"

This week, PBC has a very special project to release. It’s the first part of the much-anticipated documentary on the Gamers Against Violence rally held here in NYC a few weeks ago. The first part covers the days before the rally, including interviews with members of Empire Arcadia and employees of NYClan. Check it out, and pass it on!

You can also DIGG the article - tell your friends, spread the word!

MegaMan 3 - Password Theme

Happy June! It's getting to be that wonderful time here in New York City when the pavement heats up to a temperature high enough to cook the many sausages that hang in deli windows and the power goes out because all 8 million people are running their A/C on full blast and you could just RING SOMEBODY'S FREAKIN NECK! But, I digress. I'm here only to bring you this week's Filler Friday, which stars Devon, Devon, Devon, and Devon. The, ahem, "foursome" sings a familiar ditty from the Nintendo library. Cool off with Password Theme! Cool off how, you ask? I don't know, watch it with your feet in a bucket of ice...or something.

Also, bookmark where you will soon find PBC Productions as a featured artist!

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Upcoming Appearances:

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