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Jumpmen Podcast, Games on Film
& LMG Facebook Page

Jumpmen Podcast


Chad has been busy! Over the last year he has created the Jumpmen Podcast - a hilarious weekly video game and film podcast with his equally awesome brother Eric. Check them out on iTunes,,, and

iTunes -

Official Page -

Facebook Fan Page -

He's also been actively curating the upcoming "Games on Film Festival" at MAGFest 2012

The ultimate premiere party for new and exciting video game films kicks off at MAGFest with the brand new Games on Film festival. Gone forever is the "con video room", GoF is a curated film festival featuring the best and brightest of this year's video game films.

This festival lineup includes a dozen different features, including nine NEW feature-length films inspired by or focused on geek and gamer culture. Video game documentaries, action extravaganzas, shorts from the US and around the world, and International premieres. We'll have filmmaker Q&As, live tournaments, contests, and a host of other special events paired with each screening. Games on Film includes programs for both hardcore and casual geeks. Check it out:

Also, in other news, Little Miss Gamer now has a Facebook Page, check it out here.

Follow that Marshmallow!

Back in the Fall of 2009, Jame Rolfe took a train from Philly to New York City. For 3 days, he and Brett ran around the city like crazy people trying to visit every location from both Ghostbusters movies. Armed only with a camera, a boom mic, and an iPod loaded with both movies, we traveled to as many memorable spots as we could in that short time period. The end result is the film you see before you, Follow that Marshmallow. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with James again, and we hope you enjoy our efforts. Big shout out to Dan Califf-Glick for helping us film a good portion of it.

Upcoming Appearances:

Games on Film Festival
curated by Chad Williams

MAGfestJanuary 3-6 2013 National Harbor, MD

Little Miss Gamer

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